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Luigi Amato Kunst

Luigi Amato Kunst

Philosophical Counseling

Practice Areas:

I Domestic problems I Work Life’s changes I Integration Self identity Children’s sociality 


My approach: philosophical practice is the application of philosophical thoughts to concrete situations. The interaction between people takes place through a dialogue as opposed to a session, namely the therapeutic assignment of roles (patient and therapist). Dialogue makes people “to meet” in a special space (dazwischen) where new understandings may emerge.

My clients: are sensitive and determined people,  who feel that sometimes the life they have doesn’t happen to be the life they want. It isn’t the way they planned it. “Somehow the scripts got muddled up”. 

 Philosophy does not deal with thoughts, feelings, emotions. Psychotherapy and cognitive psychology deal the “singular self” as auto-self, (in Buber’s jargon the Thou is the I and the I-It relation prevails) but we have no idea of how to inquire into the “other, the real “object” toward which our thoughts are directed. Philosophical practice is about this investigation. “Other” can be only grasped by suspending any self-psychology. An actor, a writer, grasp diversity by the investigation. This is the insight of Narrative Philosophy…». it is by exploring the other that we can reach unknown regions of Self.





To change our life we need to write our story. We need to turn vague desires into an intentional vision. We need to imagine how it would be and write it down. On this purpose, we need to collect informations about the context, characters and places. We can start writing in third person, just to keep the distance with the story’s main character. 

It is increasingly likely in this new world, that we are going to lose our job at least once. In many countries of the western society we have been used to consider our life as linear:  the same salary, the same time, every month. The same costs, the same bills, the same expenses every month. But our life is cyclic…»»




An important aspect is that the constitution of the self is a social process. We are selves in virtue of our relation to others. We have to start from the idea that any episode of experiencing involves a subject of experience. The self can be understood only in terms of relation with self awareness and experience »»



Children’s sociality does not mean to do things together or together doing the same things. Being social means in philosophy to be engaged and committed in the same collectively recognized set of rules and to be able to understand other’s intentions and to predict other’s behavior »»




it is a free of charge service. Anybody is welcomed to speak and tell its own story. The help desk service is usually located at some muncipal and health institutions ….»»




it is possible to arrange a personal meeting either in Denmark or in Italy. A private philosophical consulting session can be arranged by email or by phone… »»


Luigi counsels individual clients world-wide, via Skype. To arrange a session contact me via email.  …»»


I counsel people world-wide by writing analysis. This method helps you to take your time to reflect on logic, coherence and authenticity of your narration...»»

Luigi is adjunct member at American Philosophical Practitioner Association, (APPA) N.Y, member of American Philosophical Association (APA) and member of Internationale Gesellschaft fur Philosophische Praxis (IGPP) (Koln).